Eccentric Training – The Key to Stability

Set the Scene Ever feel like you lose your balance? Or have “poor coordination”? Many people struggle with the ability to control their body position particularly when performing newer exercises. Although this is a product of kinaesthetic awareness, stability is significantly influenced by your eccentric strength. On top of that, if you ever find yourself […]

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Sumo Deadlift – What, Why and How

For an even more in-depth look into the world of deadlifting, head on over and grab a copy of your free EBook – “The Deadlift – 8 Steps from Start to Finish”. Setting the Scene Holy hip mobility. You walk into the gym and see someone deadlifting with the widest stance imaginable. I mean, how […]

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Training to Failure? Is it Worth It?

Setting the Scene Training to failure. The strange sadistic pain that you either learn to crave or learn to hate when it comes to exercise. The burning sensation, searing through muscles you didn’t even know existed…whilst the small voice inside of you (or the voice of your trainer) screams at you to keep pushing; beyond […]

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The Answers to Core Strength

Back Pain and Poor Posture in every day movement. Knee pain during the squat. Lack of stability in exercise or poor balance in certain movements. Each of these problems plague most day people day to day. But can all be rooted back to one potential cause: Core Strength and Stability. Set the Scene Struggling to […]

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Isometric Training – The Guide to Superhuman Strength

Quick Navigation Setting the SceneA Rock and a Hard PlaceA Monster Deadlift Quick TimeInjury RecoveryWHAT?What is Isometric Training?Bruce LeeWHY?3 Major Benefits1. Joint Angle Specific Strength2. Increased Tendon Stiffness3. Building Rapid Strength RapidlyHOW?Time vs. Volume vs. IntensityTwo Main MethodsFunctional IsometricsWhere to TrainRefine TechiqueJoint Angle Specific Isolation TrainingContraindications and WarningsRelax carefullySympathetic StimulationSummaryReference List Ever heard of isometric […]

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The De-Load – Guide to Recovery

Quick Navigation WHAT?Should I De-load?What Has Happened?What is a De-Load?What is Over-Training?De-Load to Prevent FatigueOver-trained from Training StressChronic StressWHY?Two Branches of the Same TreeSympathetic HormonesTwo Sides of the Same CoinLifestyle FactorsHOW?Drop the IntensityLimitationsDrop the Volume – A.K.A TaperLimitationsParasympathetic ExerciseLow Intensity Aerobic ExerciseYogaBreathing & MeditationThe Bar vs. The MatSummaryREFERENCE LIST WHAT? Should I De-load? Everything was […]

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