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| Monitoring Fitness Progress – 6 Simple Methods|

If you don’t understand the keys to monitoring fitness – staying motivated can be a constant battle. Training can be tough enough as it is. Although we all embrace the masochistic personality when we enter the gym, the constant battle rages between your mind and body – why am I still doing this? Can I achieve […]

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Picture showing the region of the thoracic spine

| Controlling the T Spine – Thoracic Spine Exercises |

Thoracic spine exercises are essential if you want to build the strongest version of yourself.  Struggling to progress your squat or being pulled over at the start of a deadlift? Neck/shoulder pain? Or simply catching yourself slumping at the shoulders?  Each of these points has a common origin – thoracic extension/position.  Set the SceneSquat day comes round again. […]

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L2 – The Emotive Layer – Choose to Enjoy Exercise

Quick Navigation You’re Only Human… Layer 2 – Emotive Layer An Example of Clarity – The Runner WHAT? The Holy Grail Open and Closed WHY? Empirical World 3 Types of Evidence The Problem Itself The ‘Individual’ System 1. Abilities + Efficiency of Execution 2. Genetics 3. Enjoyment: 4. Logistics: HOW? Yin and Yang Explore and […]

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