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Effort vs. Exercise Intensity – RPE Monitoring

Sweat, blood and tears. Puking in the nearest bin. You push your exercise intensity to the absolute limit, feel like you’re going to pass out if you perform another rep. And yet, you seem to be aware of other people in the gym with a better physique, getting better, faster results and they’re “not working as […]

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Training Economy – 3 Tips to an Effective Fitness Program

Without a doubt the most underrated, misunderstood and often ignored principle of an effective fitness program. Sure, focus on the “optimal” of everything, but completely neglect the idea of how strength and conditioning fits into the logistics of life. Whether you’re an athlete or average gym goer, training is supposed to improve the quality of […]

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5 Key Strength Exercises – Structure Your Workout

Where the hell do I start? You may have asked yourself this when you either first walk into the gym, or when you’ve decided to finally branch out on your own and try training for yourself and choosing strength exercises for yourself. First thing that comes to most minds when they look at a dumbbell/barbell […]

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