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Starting Strongman Training – Part 1

Quick Navigation How to Start Strongman TrainingPersonal ExperienceWhat it Means to Be Anti Fragile…What is Strongman Training?Skill in Strongman TrainingStatic Events: DeadliftAim / ExecutionTechnical Tips – DeadliftStatic Events: PressingAim / ExecutionTechnical Tips – PressingDynamic Events: Loaded CarriesAim / Execution – YokeTechnical Tips – YokeAim / Execution – FarmersTechnical Tips – FarmersTriple Extension / SquattingTechnical Tips […]

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Writing an Exercise Program – Extensive vs. Intensive

Writing an exercise program can be a difficult thing to do – particularly if it’s a new task. Whether you’re a coach or a trainee with an interest in how to write your own training – understanding the shift between extensive and intensive focus is a prerequisite before any decisions on loading schemes, exercise selection etc. […]

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man performing time under tension training

Time Under Tension – Super Slow Training for Strength

Time under tension is arguably the most important variable when it comes to building muscle and strength, but how do we take hold and use it, to give us the best results?  Adjusting the tempo of an exercise is one of the most undervalued and yet remarkably effective methods of maximising your strength.  Quick Navigation Set […]

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| Monitoring Fitness Progress – 6 Simple Methods|

If you don’t understand the keys to monitoring fitness – staying motivated can be a constant battle. Training can be tough enough as it is. Although we all embrace the masochistic personality when we enter the gym, the constant battle rages between your mind and body – why am I still doing this? Can I achieve […]

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Picture showing the region of the thoracic spine

| Controlling the T Spine – Thoracic Spine Exercises |

Thoracic spine exercises are essential if you want to build the strongest version of yourself.  Struggling to progress your squat or being pulled over at the start of a deadlift? Neck/shoulder pain? Or simply catching yourself slumping at the shoulders?  Each of these points has a common origin – thoracic extension/position.  Set the SceneSquat day comes round again. […]

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L2 – The Emotive Layer – Choose to Enjoy Exercise

Quick Navigation You’re Only Human… Layer 2 – Emotive Layer An Example of Clarity – The Runner WHAT? The Holy Grail Open and Closed WHY? Empirical World 3 Types of Evidence The Problem Itself The ‘Individual’ System 1. Abilities + Efficiency of Execution 2. Genetics 3. Enjoyment: 4. Logistics: HOW? Yin and Yang Explore and […]

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barbell, deadlift, strength

| Top Tips to Training Grip Strength |

Without even realising it – grip strength may be the biggest weakness in your strength game…holding you back from truly maximising your strength potential.    It’s time to grab hold and work on improving your grip strength today.  What You Will Learn… Set the Scene WHAT? What is your Grip Strength?  What’s it Good For?  […]

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| L1 – Exercise Prescription – What, Why and How |

Exercise prescription is a key aspect of the health and fitness industry.    Instead of choosing exercise based purely off what you enjoy – understanding exercise prescription is the key to staying motivated and on track towards your goals.  Quick Navigation Set the Scene Finding your Way Start with Why WHAT? What is a Needs […]

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Effort vs. Exercise Intensity – RPE Monitoring

Sweat, blood and tears. Puking in the nearest bin. You push your exercise intensity to the absolute limit, feel like you’re going to pass out if you perform another rep. And yet, you seem to be aware of other people in the gym with a better physique, getting better, faster results and they’re “not working as […]

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Training Economy – 3 Tips to an Effective Fitness Program

Without a doubt the most underrated, misunderstood and often ignored principle of an effective fitness program. Sure, focus on the “optimal” of everything, but completely neglect the idea of how strength and conditioning fits into the logistics of life. Whether you’re an athlete or average gym goer, training is supposed to improve the quality of […]

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