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| 7 Major Benefits of Deadlifts |

Personal Touch…The deadlift. The name itself projects a message of difficulty and hard-work. It’s been the lifeblood of my training – from the day I set foot in the gym to now.  I didn’t start strong – My first ever 1RM at age 16 was 100kg. Since then, I’ve worked solidly, year on year to build it […]

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Conditioning for Strength Athletes – 5 Methods of Implementing Cardio

Here is a complete breakdown of 6 Methods of Conditioning for Strength Athletes. 1st Half – Nerd AlertUp to 11 minutes 52 seconds – it’s all about theory.  Grab a coffee and a notepad, pull up your nerd pants and get ready for some science. 2nd Half – For the AthleteIf you’re interested in application – and what […]

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Women Who Lift (Part 2) – How Women Should Train

If you haven’t already I strongly recommend you head on over to Part 1 (Women Who Lift – Why Women Should Strength Train) and give it a quick read to understand a few scientific reasons behind why females should be regularly lifting! So, now we know why, we need to understand how. Now for the […]

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