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Man performing bent over row pull exercise

Push Pull Legs – Is It the Ultimate Routine?

Push Pull Legs – Heralded as one of the most effective and reliable methods of packing on size and strength – is this method of training as good as people claim?  It’s time to dig a little deeper and come to a verdict on whether this training method is right for you.  Quick Navigation Set the […]

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| Mental Toughness – Think Yourself Stronger |

Mental toughness is an aspect of fitness that’s often overlooked – yet may hold the secret to keeping you on track towards your goals and smashing through training plateaus.  Let’s dig deeper into the world of mental toughness.  Everything seemed to go according to plan. You followed the program, hit all the numbers and were consistent […]

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farmers walk builds postural strength and core stability

| Loaded Carries – Walk Your Way to Gains |

Loaded carries may be the missing link in your training; they are the way to building the ultimate, strongest version of yourself.  Simply grab a weight and walk. Here’s why. Quick Navigation Set the SceneWHAT?Simple StrengthLoaded Carries Are What’s MissingMovement ArchetypesFrom Birth to Upright Walk This Way…Talk This Way Learn from the Best using Loaded CarriesWHY?The Role of […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Strength Training for Beginners

| Eccentric Training – Break Through Training Plateaus |

Eccentric training – the ultimate way to break through training plateaus and maximise your strength. Let’s dig in deeper and get to it.  Set the SceneEver feel like you lose your balance? Or have “poor coordination”? Many people struggle with the ability to control their body position particularly when performing newer exercises. Although this is […]

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10 Reasons Why Absolutely Everyone Should Dead Bug

Set the SceneStruggling to decide what core exercise is worth your time? Kath felt like she tried everything to get her towards her goal of bringing up her squat. No matter what assistance exercises she implemented, she just couldn’t seem to get the knack of it. The squat had always been her least favourite lift; constantly […]

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Sumo Deadlift – What, Why and How

For an even more in-depth look into the world of deadlifting, head on over and grab a copy of your free EBook – “The Deadlift – 8 Steps from Start to Finish”.Setting the SceneHoly hip mobility. You walk into the gym and see someone deadlifting with the widest stance imaginable. I mean, how in gods […]

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| Training to Failure – What’s the Point? |

Set the SceneTraining to failure. The strange sadistic pain that you either learn to crave or learn to hate when it comes to exercise. The burning sensation, searing through muscles you didn’t even know existed…whilst the small voice inside of you (or the voice of your trainer) screams at you to keep pushing; beyond what […]

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| Answers to Core Strength Training |

Core Strength training often eludes most gym goers. Whether it’s sticking to the same routine of crunches and side bends or simply neglecting it altogether – everyone could do with the answers to correct core strength training.  And here it is.  Quick Navigation Set the SceneWHAT?What is the Core?Antero-Lateral Wall of the AbdomenLateral Abdominal WallExternal ObliquesInternal […]

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Isometric Training – The Guide to Superhuman Strength

Quick Navigation Set the SceneA Rock and a Hard PlaceA Monster Deadlift Quick TimeInjury RecoveryWHAT?What is Isometric Training?Bruce LeeWHY?3 Major Benefits1. Joint Angle Specific Strength2. Increased Tendon Stiffness3. Building Rapid Strength RapidlyHOW?Time vs. Volume vs. IntensityTwo Main MethodsPositional IsometricsFunctional IsometricsWhere to TrainRefine TechniqueJoint Angle Specific Isolation TrainingContraindications and WarningsRelax carefullySympathetic StimulationSummaryReference List Ever heard of […]

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| 7 Major Benefits of Squats |

Quick Navigation WHAT?The SquatWhat does the Squat Look Like?But Squatting is Bad for Your Knees, Right?What if You’re in Pain??The Squat as a Screening ToolWHY?1. Lower Body Strength2. Mobility of the Lower Limb3. Run Faster, Jump Higher4. Core + Lumbo-Pelvic Stabilisation5. Maintain Cognitive Function6. Energy Demand7. Glute DevelopmentSummaryReference List The benefits of squats. If any…what […]

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