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Starting Strongman Training – Part 1

Quick Navigation How to Start Strongman TrainingPersonal ExperienceWhat it Means to Be Anti Fragile…What is Strongman Training?Skill in Strongman TrainingStatic Events: DeadliftAim / ExecutionTechnical Tips – DeadliftStatic Events: PressingAim / ExecutionTechnical Tips – PressingDynamic Events: Loaded CarriesAim / Execution – YokeTechnical Tips – YokeAim / Execution – FarmersTechnical Tips – FarmersTriple Extension / SquattingTechnical Tips […]

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Writing an Exercise Program – Extensive vs. Intensive

Writing an exercise program can be a difficult thing to do – particularly if it’s a new task. Whether you’re a coach or a trainee with an interest in how to write your own training – understanding the shift between extensive and intensive focus is a prerequisite before any decisions on loading schemes, exercise selection etc. […]

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| The Ultimate Guide -Regaining Strength |

Regaining strength can be both a daunting task. Have you lost your gains?  Where do you start?  What should you do to ensure effectiveness and prevent injury? This is the perfect guide for you.  Quick Navigation Regaining StrengthLose What You’ve Gained…Understanding StrengthDifferent Forms of StrengthSRA CurvesHarder and Longer…3 Factor ModelWhich Have you Lost? Listen to AdviceDeconditioned Tissues…Specific Training Methods1. Increase […]

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(1) Strength Bite – Vary Your Training

WHAT ARE STRENGTH BITES?Strength Bites are a new article series with a 2 Main Goals in mind: Remove complexityGive you practical advice you can implement straight away Key Lessons “How Much Variation depends on YouAs with everything, it’s a matter of context and knowing how you respond to training individually. Skill level is the main thing […]

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| The Ultimate Guide – Strength Training Without Equipment |

In today’s world, we’re pressed for time. Learning how to maximise your physical fitness, by strength training without equipment, may just be one of the best investments you ever make. Set the SceneYou’re home from work, hoping to find a few minutes to yourself. Feeling an almost suffocating level of responsibility, you sigh at the notion […]

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man performing time under tension training

Time Under Tension – Super Slow Training for Strength

Time under tension is arguably the most important variable when it comes to building muscle and strength, but how do we take hold and use it, to give us the best results?  Adjusting the tempo of an exercise is one of the most undervalued and yet remarkably effective methods of maximising your strength.  Quick Navigation Set […]

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Man performing bent over row pull exercise

Push Pull Legs – Is It the Ultimate Routine?

Push Pull Legs – Heralded as one of the most effective and reliable methods of packing on size and strength – is this method of training as good as people claim?  It’s time to dig a little deeper and come to a verdict on whether this training method is right for you.  Quick Navigation Set the […]

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| The Ultimate Guide – Weight Training for Weight Loss |

Arguably the biggest question in the health and fitness industry today – What’s the best way to lose weight? | The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Weight Loss | is here to give a comprehensive breakdown of how lifting weights is the best form of training to achieve any form of a weight-related goal.  Although it’s […]

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| The Ultimate Guide – Strength Training for Runners |

Quick Navigation Set the SceneOne Foot in Front of the Other…Chapter One – What Is It About Running?WHAT?Masochistic ObsessionsEase of Access + Love/Hate RelationshipBorn 2 RunChapter Two – Faults with Traditional Running Training1. Too Much Specificity2. Individuality 3. Improper Progression + Monitoring4. No Focus on WeaknessesChapter Three – Why Strength Training for Runners is so […]

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| The Ultimate Guide to Strength Training for Beginners |

You’ve taken the first step! Strength training for beginners can seem daunting at first – but look no further, we’ve created the Ultimate Guide.  Now, I want to stress that this guide is pretty exhaustive… I’m talking 10,000+ words exhaustive… It culminates almost every question I’ve ever been asked, as well as all of the information deemed relevant […]

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