The Reloading Bundle



Combining our Two Most Battle Hardened Training Protocols as a bundle – we guarantee you will reach uncharted territory, breaking new ground on your physique and physical capacity.

Save up to 40% with our combined approach!

Phase 1: The Re-Conditioning

…The perfect combination of Psychology and the Science of Physical training.

Utilizing a method known as “Constraints Based” Programming – we leverage optimal exercise selection with carefully balanced training prescription to allow you to rebuild your strength and durability, beyond your “pre-break” levels.

Suitability – Anyone who is returning to lifting after an extended break. Ideally you will already have familiarity executing the barbell movements, although this isn’t essential.

Phase 2: The Unshakable “Isometric” Protocol

Take advantage of the latest training methods to build a bulletproof, anti-fragile physique – armed and ready for anything you throw at it.

Integrating High-Intensity Isometrics with Traditional Methods to Revolutionize your approach to training.

  • 50+ Page Handbook – The Most Comprehensive Guide to Isometric Training on the Web (We Actually Checked!)
  • Mobile Compatible Spreadsheets, User-Friendly PDF of Each Training Phase
  • Exercise Library, In-Depth Tutorials on Executing Isometrics + Access to a Lecture Series, breaking down the scientific principles of strength training.


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