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Programming Methodology

Over the years, we have worked with beginners through to World Class athletes, enhancing performance and saving people from career ending injuries.

We have honed our programming system to tackle every aspect of physical development.


Irrespective of the goal or the options you choose below, our programming methodology combines experience Coaching World Class athletes and the latest in the theoretical training world.

Below, you will see 3 Options of Training to choose from, based on the goal you have in mind.

Then you will be able to choose your feedback level / frequency that suits you and allows us to deliver the highest quality of service.

Step 1 - Choose Your Programming Goal


Kinesiological Assessment to establish cause of injury mechanism and create a road map to train around / fix the issue.

Used as an add on to your existing program-  the 4-S System is used to correct any stability / mobility / structural imbalances, remove pain and optimise your performance.


*Suitable for people who are happy with their current training, but have suffered from an acute / chronic injury that impairs their performance.

£60 p/month


Quantitative Screening / Needs Analysis to establish baseline framework for programming.

Comprehensive Biomechanical Breakdown of current performance and training structure provided.


*Suitable for anyone looking to enhance their physical development towards any strength based goal.

No previous training experience is required.

*Minimum Training Duration of 8 Weeks following 7 Day Trial Period.

£80 p/month


Quantitative Screening / Needs Analysis to establish baseline framework for programming.

Full Training Structure provided along with complete breakdown on principles of program development.


*Suitable for coaches / physical health professionals who want to enhance their physical development as well as leveling up their training knowledge.

*This option also provides a mentorship option in the feedback section below.

£90 p/month

Step 2 - Choose Your Feedback Option


No Check In / Feedback Needed -

Happy to Complete the Program as written.



Formal Weekly Check In.

10 minute+ Weekly Video Review of All Training Data.

48 - 72 hour response time.



Formal Weekly Check In.

10 minute+ Weekly Video Review of All Training Data.

Live 15 – 30 minute “Mentorship Call” Available on a weekly basis

 <24 hour Response Time


What Others Are Saying...

"I never knew I was capable of any of this..."

"I had always been on an off with the gym. I had no idea how to squat or deadlift - but since joining Strength Forge coaching with the Journey to Strong System, I can deadlift 200kg, squat 140kg and do things I never knew I could."

- Adam C. (Royton)

"Not just in the gym, but in every day life..."

Exercise has always been a way to relieve stress for me, however Strength Forge has given me more direction.

Not just in the gym but in everyday life I have noticed the benefits from strength training. The training programs are always evidence based, and Jon endeavors to research to ensure the program are person specific.

When I first started training with strength forge I managed a 65kg deadlift, 3 pressups and squatted 30kgs on the smith machine - now my maxes are 130kg deadlift, 100kg back squat, 20 pressups and 7 pullups.

Melissa K.(Manchester)

"Set my sights on an Iron Man, after I hit my deadlift..."

"So just over a year ago I contacted Jon Mallon at Strength Forge. I was 47, overweight, asthmatic with a bad back after a herniated disk and feeling generally rubbish! Since then, I'm 2 stone lighter, deadlifting 100kg+, have completed a full marathon and several half marathons - with my sights set on an Iron Man competition to come.

Bring It on!! I have never felt better in my whole life!

And for anyone who wants to get fitter, stronger or just healthier, Jon, and the information at Strength Forge is the whole package! 

- Lesley S. (Royton)

"I should've signed up months ago ..."

"I've been struggling to make progress for years, that is until I signed up for Strength Forge Online Coaching. The training is brutal, but I love having the flexibility to train on my own time. The video break downs provided by Jon help so much - they're just what I needed! Watching videos get you so far until someone can pick out where you’re going wrong with it all. No back twitches or pain at all with your advice and on my way to some big PBs!"

- Christopher B.(Shaw)

"I trust Jon will of my training, recovery and where to progress next..."

"I currently feel the biggest, strongest and most prepared physically and mentally than at any other stage of my training evolution. The training was brutal to begin with, and has been insane compared to what I’m used to but my squat and deadlift, have blown up massively over the past few weeks and massive PRs are soon to come!

Strength Forge Online Coaching, takes training to a whole new level when there’s a clear set plan and shit to be getting done, especially when being held accountable.

I can confidently say I trust Jon with all of my training, recovery and where to progress next ,which is a big part of my life, and could not recommend the man enough. Absolute fucking legend!

- Ben F. (Manchester)

"I'm off pain medication and on my way to PBs..."

"I've been training with Jon and the Journey to Strong System for a few years now. I started the Journey after having major surgeries on my spine and Jon has helped my build my strength and fitness to a point where I don’t use pain medication anymore.

His knowledge of strength and fitness is a cornerstone in your training as he passes the learning on without all the industry jargon. He spends time teaching you techniques and movement so you know how to lift and move safely on every exercise. 

The Journey to Strong System is like nothing I've ever come across - bringing results you can see and feel. 

- Avril C. (Shaw)

"Improvements in not only my physical ability, but with my knowledge is invaluable..."

“I have been training with Strength Forge for nearly 2 years.

I first came to Jon, after two surgeries on my ACL.

I’ve gone from not being able to run or squat to being able to squat 80kg, deadlift 110kg and run properly! The improvements in not only my physical abilities, but with my knowledge is invaluable.

Jon’s, drive for your personal improvement is impeccable. His training programmes are backed up by his constant analysis on your personal capabilities and endless knowledge on hypertrophy and strength training. I’m constantly improving and pushing myself more than ever before thanks to Strength Forge. “

- Bryony B. (Manchester)

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