Isometric Training for Strength

Take advantage of the latest training methods to build a bulletproof, anti-fragile physique that is armed and ready for anything you throw at it.

Integrating High Intensity Isometrics with Traditional Methods to Revolutionize your approach to training.


Isometric Training for Strength


Strengthen and fortify your CNS.


Thicken your tendons, bulletproof your joints.


The Gym Protocol and the Freedom of Strength Version gives you scope to train, anywhere - at any time.


Isometric Training for Strength + Periodized progression allow you to replicate the program to produce unending results.


"I currently feel the biggest, strongest and most physically prepared..."

"I currently feel the biggest, strongest and most physically prepared than at any other stage of my training evolution. The Isometric Training for Strength was brutal to begin with, and has been insane compared to what I’m used to...but my squat and deadlift, have blown up massively over the past few weeks and massive PRs are soon to come.

I could not recommend the Unshakable Strength Protocol enough. Absolute legend!

- Ben (Manchester)


“Before the Isometric Training for Strength program, I could do 3 pressups, a 65kg 1RM Deadlift, Back Squat 40kg and could barely manage a pullup.

After 2 back 2 back cycles of the program - my maxes are 130kg deadlift, 100kg back squat, 20 pressups and 7 pullups!


“I had always been on an off with the gym. I had no idea how to squat or deadlift - but since joining Strength Forge coaching and running the Unshakable Protocol, I can deadlift 200kg, squat 140kg and do things I never knew I would be possible.”


9 - 12 Weeks of High Intensity Isometric Training for Strength.

Build yourself physically and embrace the mental challenge of completing it.

PBs at the End of the Cycle guaranteed - Or your Money Back!

Real World Strength

"A Battle Hardened, Tried and Tested, Scientific Approach to Strength Training." 

The Unshakable Strength Protocol serves to revolutionize how you approach strength.

9-12 Weeks of Brutal Training that will leave you feeling stronger than ever before.

Become Immovable.


It’s great to have questions – and chances are, we’ve been asked it before!

How Long Is the Program?

The Superhuman Strength Protocol is a minimum of 9 weeks long, with an optional de-load week taken at the end of each phase, depending on your recovery rate. The Isometric training can be difficult to recover from so it might last 12 weeks for some!

I've not been training very long, can I do it?

The program is constructed to suit all levels of training experience. If you're an advanced athlete, the intensive work and isometric training will allow you to overload your CNS and build superhuman strength. 

If you're a beginner, the isometric training is perfect for learning how to build tension, solidify key positions within the big, compound movements and overload your body in a safe and effective manner.

I'm Already Strong, Will Isometric Training For Strength Benefit Me?

One of the most fascinating aspects of Isometric training, is that stronger people seem to benefit more from the training than weaker subjects - you can read the exact science and studies in the Superhuman Strength Protocol - Handbook. 

But to give a quick breakdown here - the early phase adaptations of strength in novice trainees largely comes from decreasing activation of opposing muscle groups (e.g. the hamstring learning to relax when the quadriceps are contracting), improved synergistic activation of supporting muscle groups and reduced neurological inhibition.

Whereas because strength trained individuals are already a little more familiar with these concepts, they can truly exert more force during each contraction, providing a greater overload to the system.

So, yes. The fact that you are already trained actually puts you in a better position.

What if I don't have access to a gym? 

This program was initially constructed during the 2020 CoVID19 Lockdown - so you will also be given the Freedom of Strength Variation. No need for fancy gym equipment - just a fixed strap and a whole lot of determination - isometric training allows you to build crazy strength any time, any where.

About the Author:

Jon Mallon

A lifelong student of Strength, Jon has used his Undergraduate and Postgraduate Knowledge of Exercise Science/Strength and Conditioning to deliver over 10,000 hours of coaching. 

From Powerlifters and Strongmen to your Average Joe Gym Goer, he endeavors to deliver the most optimal strength training modalities everyone. 

He is also a competitive Strength Athlete - using these exact methods to reach Unshakable Strength.