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The JTS System

- Gain Access to An Affordable - Highly Effective Coaching System free for the first 2 weeks - then a £17.99 recurring monthly payment.

- Work on your own time - with the freedom, structure and independence to earn your strength.

- Train the right way, with video exercise demonstrations, rep/set/load progressions and individualized recommendations.

- Learn What It Means to be Strong - and build a physique ready to take on any physical challenge.

- Access to Educational Content - learning as you go - with detailed biomechanical breakdowns, training program evaluations and much more.

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Our goal is to empower you with the tools to get strong. 

It really is that simple. 

From in depth lectures on science and physiology, to learning the "tricks of the trade".

Our mission is to make you the strongest version of who you know you can be.

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We schedule what you need - but you have complete control of when and where you get to build your strength.

Learn More than Coaches

The amount of information provided to you, is above and beyond what even the average trainer knows.

You'll be able to execute exercises with precision, understand how best to lift for your own body and how to achieve consistent results.


For the cost of a cup of coffee each week - you can completely reshape your life and achieve things you never thought possible.

It doesn't get any more complicated than that.

A Sneak Peek...

The Complete Package.

• The Anti-Fragile System is a low-cost monthly subscription service - delivering the ultimate combination of the latest empirical evidence base, with in-the-trenches experience.

• We combine the latest research and science from the field of Sport Science - along with the tried and tested knowledge to create a high performance system. From strength and conditioning, to movement prep and injury risk management - the JTS System is the complete strength training package. 

• The programming system is setup for a 3-Day training split for the first training phase - after which the training system will be reviewed and overhauled to optimize results for the current cohort.

• Variation will be provided to ensure consistency and allow the system to be individualized to you personally - while following a continual thread of the lifts you want to become stronger within.