The Unshakable Strength 2.0 Protocol

New And Updated!

The Unshakable Strength 2.0 Protocol has been newly updated with adjusted pattern progressions and exercise selection - to further optimize your strength.

50+ Page Handbook - The Most Comprehensive Guide to Isometric Training on the Web (We Actually Checked!)

Mobile Compatible Spreadsheets, User Friendly PDF of Each Training Phase

Exercise Library, In Depth Tutorials on Executing Isometrics + Access to a Lecture Series, breaking down the scientific principles of strength training. 

Ask Any Questions You Have - Before, During or After the Program!

About the Author Jon Mallon

Jon Mallon has spent every waking moment developing his understanding of the body’s capabilities. He has an undying passion for all things strength, with his extensive knowledge from coaching hundreds of clients, to his 1st Class BSc Sports Science and MSc Strength and Conditioning, paving the way to deliver results directly to you. He has been a strength and conditioning coach for a variety of sports from amateur boxing to professional rugby, providing him with the art of coaching required to deliver the science of training. Jon's current areas of focus involve comprehensive postural analysis, neurological strength and evolutionary biology.

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