Return to Lifting

The Return to Lifting Protocol serves to revolutionize how you approach the retraining process.

4 Weeks of Scientific, Structured, Phasic Strength Training. 

2 E-Books

The Science of Detraining

The Science of Retraining

64 References - 100s of hours of research - Culminating in the most comprehensive approach to retraining on the web. 

It’s time to return to the gym. 

Whether by your hand or not, the time away from the Iron Paradise has been a tough one – and now, now it’s time to reenter the world of strength. 

The question is…Are you Ready? 

Often times people have the willingness and determination but lack the guidance. 

That’s what our program is designed to do. 

Educate and empower everyone to safely return to the gym – and maximize their gains during the process. 

After all…the last thing you want is to return and find that your strength has evaporated you’re struggling to get it back, right?

You’re Going to Work Hard

One final thing…Nothing is more frustrating than hearing the words, “Take it easy…go light for a months” or whatever the latest advice is. 

Whilst it’s completely, 100% ideal – you and I both know…that isn’t going to happen. 

So instead of lying to ourselves – the Return to Lifting Program is going to allow you to work as hard as you want, without the increased injury risk or subsequent issues that come along with it. 

It’s all about clever programming – prepare yourself for some solid work.

In The Book, You Will Discover:


What, Why And How the Detraining Effect influences your physiology, and the impact on your training. 


Myonuclei Retention, Neural Innervation and Many More Memory Mechanisms that allow you to regain faster than ever. Provided you know how.


The mental focus/capacity required to maximize the effectiveness of your training when you return to the gym.


Prepare the 4 Primary Bodily Systems for Action. Regain your strength and return to lifting in the best way possible. 

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About the Author Jon Mallon

Jon Mallon has spent every waking moment developing his understanding of the body’s capabilities. He has an undying passion for all things strength, with his extensive knowledge from coaching hundreds of clients, to his 1st Class BSc Sports Science and MSc Strength and Conditioning, paving the way to deliver results directly to you. He has been a strength and conditioning coach for a variety of sports from amateur boxing to professional rugby, providing him with the art of coaching required to deliver the science of training. Jon's current areas of focus involve comprehensive postural analysis, neurological strength and evolutionary biology.

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