The Beginner Program

  • Development movement competency: Understand and learn the basics of all the strength training techniques you will ever need. 
  • Bulletproof and increase your core strength: Improving your stability and reducing injury risk. 
  • Muscle Growth: Address imbalances and maximise the growth you want, in the areas you want it. 
  • Create a solid foundation from which to optimise your strength development. 


The Beginner Program serves to remove all the barriers to strength training and was created , based on 4 Key Principles: 

  1. Ease of access - taking those who had never lifted before to competent lifters. 
  2. Opening Up the World of Strength - too many programs tell you it's one way or the other. Cardio, or lifting, or yoga...the beginner program encourages you to try everything. 
  3. Balance - rather than specializing and becoming a power-lifter right away - the Beginner Program promotes balance across a range of exercises
  4. Optimal Progress - the early stages of your training will involve some of the biggest gains you will ever make, let's take advantage of that and make sure it happens.





By choosing The Beginner Program...

MOVEMENT PREP - It's not about moving a weight from A to B, it's about HOW you move.

Using the key principles of learning, internal and external cues and positive feedback, you will develop a thorough understanding of how to perform safe and effective lifting techniques.

CORE STABILITY - The abs aren't just for looking good. The core is the origin of strength in every movement.


We focus on building deep core strength and control, forming the foundation for maintaining stability under heavy loads. Lots of reps, lots of sets - even more results.

HYPERTROPHY - Muscles are the engine, the nervous system is the driver.

Having bigger muscles makes you stronger. But as a beginner, we focus on correct muscle imbalances and bringing up lagging areas. 

STRENGTH WORK - Compound movements and linear progression.

Lifting heavy things is what it's all about. In the Beginner program, we take a linear approach gradually increasing the load over time whilst you learn to perfect your technique.

WORK CAPACITY - Get fitter whilst you get stronger.

It's not just about how much you can lift or how hard you can work but about how well you can recover.

Work capacity training serves to improve your recovery rate and develop your overall fitness.

Features of the Beginner Program

  • Complete Structure - Simply open the sheet and get training.
  • Video Tutorials - Each exercise comes with a video tutorial detailing how to perform the movement.
  • Track your Progress - Input a weight you've lifted, the database will remember and track you each week.