Online Coaching


Recommended for injury free individuals with 2+ years training experience who require structure and basic guidance.

  • Bi-Weekly Updates of Bespoke Training Plan.
  • Basic Needs Analysis
  • Personalised Training progression
  • Nutritional Coaching

£80 *£50* p/month


Recommended for intermediate to advanced individuals seeking optimal progression for their training.

  • Bi Weekly updates of Bespoke Training Plan
  • Comprehensive Needs Analysis including postural assessment
  • Personalised Training Progression
  • RPE Monitoring to optimise results
  • Nutritional Audit involving a food diary and custom meal plans.

£100 *£70*​​ p/month


Recommended for individuals/athletes with 2+ years training experience desire frequent contact, interested in a premium coaching option.

  • Weekly updates of Bespoke Training Plan
  • Includes regular Skype Calls + fast access communication (e.g. Messenger)
  • Comprehensive Needs Analysis including postural assessment
  • Nutritional Audit involving food diary and custom meal plans.
  • Use of daily athlete tracking (DAT) to monitor fatigue and optimal progression


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Jon Mallon, Head Coach and Owner of Strength Forge

Why Try Coaching?

My main goal has, and always will be, to help change as many lives as I can touch with strength training.


It is my life’s purpose to educate every human being on the need for regular strength training to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Unfortunately, someone decided there would be only be 24 hours in a day. With work and the other stresses of daily life, getting to the gym is often a battle, not to mention deciding what is best for you to do with the time you have.

This is why we have developed a scientifically constructed, bespoke online coaching system that allows you to achieve your goals, no matter what the barrier. 

What Is Coaching?

With advancements not only in technology, but also in the world of strength and conditioning, it is now perfectly possible to bring about the change in your life you want, through online coaching.


With online coaching, you will be provided with a bespoke, scientific training program with the structure you want, the accountability you need and the results you're currently missing.

How To Get Started...

Fill out the contact form here on the website or send an email directly to
trainstrengthforge@gmail.com to find out how you can get on board now!

What Others Say...

"Changed my life in many ways."

I’ve been training with Strength Forge for over 12 months and it has changed my life in many ways. Exercise has always been a way to relieve stress for me, however Strength Forge has given me more direction. The way Jon coaches definitely motivates and empowers me with more knowledge to lead a healthier life. Not just in the gym but in everyday life I have noticed the benefits from strength training. The exercises are always evidence based, and Jon endeavours to research to ensure the programmes are person specific. When I first started training with strength forge I managed a 65kg deadlift, 3 pressups and squatted 30kgs on the smith machine whereas now my maxes are 120kg deadlift, 90kg back squat, 20 pressups and 7 pullups. Thanks to Jon and Strength Forge for all of your guidance

Melissa K  //  Royton

"I finally look forward to my sessions and miss them when I am away!"

I love training with Jon, I look forward to my sessions and miss them when I am away! Jon keeps me motivated when I am struggling and the last year has been my most consistent ever in terms of exercise. I learn something about my body every session and I also have a much better understanding of why things sometimes go wrong with technique, how to fix them and how to prevent them in the future! I’m really looking forward to seeing what you can help me to achieve this year!

Zoe E  //  Royton

"Jon's enthusiasm and love for training is infectious..."

I’ve learned that in all aspects of training, knowledge is key. The way Jon supplied information and explanation helped my understanding of why certain aspects of training were added in. Jon highlighted how supplementary exercises assist in reaching strength goals. The knock-on effect of having strength in one lift, helps in other lifts and how mobility and core care/strength is a larger aspect of my training. If you know why you are doing something, you are more likely to focus properly and complete it. Jon’s enthusiasm and love for training/educating is infectious – that alone makes people want to train!

Kath M  //  Oldham

"Everything I hoped it would be and more!"

I can honestly say training with Strength Forge has been everything I hoped it would be and more! I was taught to think about each exercise, concentrate on my breathing, posture etc. and how it allows me to continue to get stronger whilst staying healthy! Jon's knowledge of the body and training is excellent.

Karen C  //  Oldham

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