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| Loaded Carries – Walk Your Way to Gains |

Loaded carries may be the missing link in your training; they are the way to building the ultimate, strongest version of yourself.  Simply grab a weight and walk. Here’s why. Quick Navigation Set the SceneWHAT?Simple StrengthLoaded Carries Are What’s MissingMovement ArchetypesFrom Birth to Upright Walk This Way…Talk This Way Learn from the Best using Loaded CarriesWHY?The Role of […]

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| Isolation Exercises to Max Out Your Strength |

There’s still a debate raging about isolation exercises vs compound. Which is the most effective for strength development and when/where are they appropriate? As is often the case, the answer is: it depends. It’s time to shed some light on the situation. Quick Navigation Set the SceneWHAT?Seven Seas Principle – There’s Only One MusclePre-Programmed MotionWHY?Isolation Exercises […]

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The De-Load – Guide to Recovery

Quick Navigation WHAT?Should I De-load?What Has Happened?What is a De-Load?What is Over-Training?De-Load to Prevent FatigueOver-trained from Training StressChronic StressWHY?Two Branches of the Same TreeSympathetic HormonesTwo Sides of the Same CoinLifestyle FactorsHOW?Drop the IntensityLimitationsDrop the Volume – A.K.A TaperLimitationsParasympathetic ExerciseLow Intensity Aerobic ExerciseYogaBreathing & MeditationThe Bar vs. The MatSummaryREFERENCE LIST WHAT?Should I De-load? Everything was going well […]

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Issues with Corrective Exercise – What do you do?

Quick Navigation WHAT?Danger Danger!WHY?Stick with the EssentialsPrescriptionAvoiding DifficultyHOW?The Bottoms Up ApproachGym vs. HospitalsTake A Top Down Approach1) Foot Pronation/Ankle Collapse2) Instability/Poor Knee Control During the Squat3) Lumbar Lordosis/Posterior Pelvic Tilt/Butt WinkWait, Wait…Hang on a Minute…SummaryReference List: WHAT?Learn the topic. Corrective exercise is becoming an increasingly popular buzz-word, almost along the lines of “functional training”. But […]

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