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Jon Mallon has spent every waking moment developing his understanding of the body’s capabilities. He has an undying passion for all things strength, with his extensive knowledge from coaching hundreds of clients, to his 1st Class BSc Sports Science and MSc Strength and Conditioning, paving the way to deliver results directly to you. He has been a strength and conditioning coach for a variety of sports from amateur boxing to professional rugby, providing him with the art of coaching required to deliver the science of training. Jon's current areas of focus involve comprehensive postural analysis, neurological strength and evolutionary biology.

Isometric Training – The Guide to Superhuman Strength

Quick Navigation Setting the SceneA Rock and a Hard PlaceA Monster Deadlift Quick TimeInjury RecoveryWHAT?What is Isometric Training?Bruce LeeWHY?3 Major Benefits1. Joint Angle Specific Strength2. Increased Tendon Stiffness3. Building Rapid Strength RapidlyHOW?Time vs. Volume vs. IntensityTwo Main MethodsFunctional IsometricsWhere to TrainRefine TechiqueJoint Angle Specific Isolation TrainingContraindications and WarningsRelax carefullySympathetic StimulationSummaryReference List Ever heard of isometric […]

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The De-Load – Guide to Recovery

Quick Navigation WHAT?Should I De-load?What Has Happened?What is a De-Load?What is Over-Training?De-Load to Prevent FatigueOver-trained from Training StressChronic StressWHY?Two Branches of the Same TreeSympathetic HormonesTwo Sides of the Same CoinLifestyle FactorsHOW?Drop the IntensityLimitationsDrop the Volume – A.K.A TaperLimitationsParasympathetic ExerciseLow Intensity Aerobic ExerciseYogaBreathing & MeditationThe Bar vs. The MatSummaryREFERENCE LIST WHAT?Should I De-load? Everything was going well […]

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| 7 Major Benefits of Squats |

Quick Navigation WHAT?The SquatWhat does the Squat Look Like?But Squatting is Bad for Your Knees, Right?What if You’re in Pain??The Squat as a Screening ToolWHY?1. Lower Body Strength2. Mobility of the Lower Limb3. Run Faster, Jump Higher4. Core + Lumbo-Pelvic Stabilisation5. Maintain Cognitive Function6. Energy Demand7. Glute DevelopmentSummaryReference List The benefits of squats. If any…what […]

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| 3 Methods – How to Build Muscle Fast |

Quick Navigation WHY?HypertrophyToning the Obesity EpidemicBenefits of Building Muscle MassASCM GuidelinesWHAT?Training Volume1. Mechanical Tension A.K.A. ‘Lifting Heavy’2. Muscle Damage A.K.A. ‘Tearing the Muscle’3. Metabolic Stress A.K.A The ‘Pump’/’Burn’HOW?Mechanical Tension Metabolic StressSummaryReference List How to build muscle fast is the elusive pursuit of many, causing thousands of people to perform rep after rep to no avail. Contrary […]

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| The Definitive Guide to Forging Relative Strength |

Quick Navigation WHAT?MeasurementWhat is it Good for??WHY?Specific TensionNormalised Muscle Force4 Reasons for Superhuman StrengthKeep It SimpleHOW?Reps Lower + More SetsMore Rest Between SetsFull Body MovementIsometric TrainingSpeed/Power TrainingSummaryReference List WHAT?Learn the topic. How do you build relative strength? For those of you involved in the strength community, you may be familiar with the term. For others […]

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Issues with Corrective Exercise – What do you do?

Quick Navigation WHAT?Danger Danger!WHY?Stick with the EssentialsPrescriptionAvoiding DifficultyHOW?The Bottoms Up ApproachGym vs. HospitalsTake A Top Down Approach1) Foot Pronation/Ankle Collapse2) Instability/Poor Knee Control During the Squat3) Lumbar Lordosis/Posterior Pelvic Tilt/Butt WinkWait, Wait…Hang on a Minute…SummaryReference List: WHAT?Learn the topic. Corrective exercise is becoming an increasingly popular buzz-word, almost along the lines of “functional training”. But […]

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Breathe to be Strong: Diaphragmatic Breathing 101

Quick Navigation WHAT?BasicsWhat Choice Do We Have?WHY?Common MisconceptionsLower Back PainOverall PostureEffects on StrengthHOW?90:90 BreathingCrocodile BreathingBracingLow, Low, Lower DownStart off Small – Warm UpsSummaryReference List WHAT?Learn the topic. Diaphragmatic Breathing? A fancy term you may or may not have heard of. It’s a key aspect of more remedial exercise practices such as yoga and pilates, but […]

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