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The De-Load – Guide to Recovery

Quick Navigation WHAT?Should I De-load?What Has Happened?What is a De-Load?What is Over-Training?De-Load to Prevent FatigueOver-trained from Training StressChronic StressWHY?Two Branches of the Same TreeSympathetic HormonesTwo Sides of the Same CoinLifestyle FactorsHOW?Drop the IntensityLimitationsDrop the Volume – A.K.A TaperLimitationsParasympathetic ExerciseLow Intensity Aerobic ExerciseYogaBreathing & MeditationThe Bar vs. The MatSummaryREFERENCE LIST WHAT?Should I De-load? Everything was going well […]

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| 7 Major Benefits of Squats |

Quick Navigation WHAT?The SquatWhat does the Squat Look Like?But Squatting is Bad for Your Knees, Right?What if You’re in Pain??The Squat as a Screening ToolWHY?1. Lower Body Strength2. Mobility of the Lower Limb3. Run Faster, Jump Higher4. Core + Lumbo-Pelvic Stabilisation5. Maintain Cognitive Function6. Energy Demand7. Glute DevelopmentSummaryReference List The benefits of squats. If any…what […]

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| 3 Methods – How to Build Muscle Fast |

Quick Navigation WHY?HypertrophyToning the Obesity EpidemicBenefits of Building Muscle MassASCM GuidelinesWHAT?Training Volume1. Mechanical Tension A.K.A. ‘Lifting Heavy’2. Muscle Damage A.K.A. ‘Tearing the Muscle’3. Metabolic Stress A.K.A The ‘Pump’/’Burn’HOW?Mechanical Tension Metabolic StressSummaryReference List How to build muscle fast is the elusive pursuit of many, causing thousands of people to perform rep after rep to no avail. Contrary […]

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| The Definitive Guide to Forging Relative Strength |

Quick Navigation WHAT?MeasurementWhat is it Good for??WHY?Specific TensionNormalised Muscle Force4 Reasons for Superhuman StrengthKeep It SimpleHOW?Reps Lower + More SetsMore Rest Between SetsFull Body MovementIsometric TrainingSpeed/Power TrainingSummaryReference List WHAT?Learn the topic. How do you build relative strength? For those of you involved in the strength community, you may be familiar with the term. For others […]

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Issues with Corrective Exercise – What do you do?

Quick Navigation WHAT?Danger Danger!WHY?Stick with the EssentialsPrescriptionAvoiding DifficultyHOW?The Bottoms Up ApproachGym vs. HospitalsTake A Top Down Approach1) Foot Pronation/Ankle Collapse2) Instability/Poor Knee Control During the Squat3) Lumbar Lordosis/Posterior Pelvic Tilt/Butt WinkWait, Wait…Hang on a Minute…SummaryReference List: WHAT?Learn the topic. Corrective exercise is becoming an increasingly popular buzz-word, almost along the lines of “functional training”. But […]

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